Apple iPad review (2017)

on 30 Nov -0001
Over the past few years, weve seen the iPad go from curious experiment to Apples vision for the future of computing. But weve also seen the tablet market dry up — not even the iPad has been immune to those changes. Still, its hard not to look at the new, 2017 iPad as a market mover, a $329 machine meant to appeal to newcomers and old-school iPad owners in need of an upgrade. While this iPad is priced for everyone, its not meant for everyone. Its not as slim as older models, and it lacks some of the really neat features that appear in Apples Pro line. In other words, the 2017 iPad is a no-nonsense machine. But, its a damned good one.

No, its not just in your head — this iPad feels very, very familiar. Its as if a designer tore a hole in time itself, reached into the past to grab an original iPad Air and stuck some more up-to-date parts inside. That said, Apple wanted to keep these basic models distinct from more premium iPads, so you wont find any Smart Connector pins on the iPads left side or a laminated display (more on that later).


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