About StepNest

StepNest Helps visitors to find their right product.
If you are looking for a website which could help in finding the right product i.e. mobile, TV, Camera , other electronics item etc. for you then you are in right place, StepNest provides many features which helps you to find your product.
StepNest offers following features to the visitors.
1) Stepnest helps to discover product online, products are listed by manufacture itself, so all listed information are authentic.

2) Visitor would come to know when product will be launched and which county will be available.

3) Visitors can add product in wishlist and would keep receiving all information related to that product which would help them to take decision.

4) Signed up visitor also will get notification about new product launch in their selected category.

5) Blogs would be published on product which would give some more insight on product.

6) Visitors can review the product.

StepNest Analytics

Expert Analytical Tools
Stepnest helps Product owner to promote their product.
As a Subscriber you can list your product in predefined format and publish on website. Subscriber can unpublish product any time. Views from visitors generate a lot of analytic i.e. geolocation analytics i.e. country, city states, tab analytic, analytic of images (which gives which image has more views among all added image) analytic of key features etc.. There are many more report which gives insight of how product is floating online.

Features for subscriber which helps to improve the visibility of product
1) List and Manage product online.
2) Generate analytic report.
3) Get the reviews and comment for product.
4) Blog Publishing: